I have just watched the first episode of World’s Weirdest Restaurants…BEST FOOD SHOW EVER! (Apart from Man vs Food, MvF Nation, and the Originals). My favourite restaurants on the first episode were
1. Voodoo Donut (it’s one of the reasons of why Portland is one of my favourite cities, because of the city’s artistic and eccentric personality, I feel like I belong there)
2. Modern Toilet
3. ‘S Baggers

(Now the dog one was pretty amazing, but I want to go to restaurants where I can be served).
I loves these sort of shows because they give me awesome suggestions of where to eat in the world if I ever want to travel, which would likely happen to me and my family when I become a published author and have interview/signing tours for different areas of the world. That does sound far fetch, but it might happen and you gotta know where to eat if it ever does happen. I’m going to cross my fingers…and toes, I want to travel so badly.